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 yoga is

Classical yoga

At its heart, yoga was always intended to be for everyone regardless of age, race, or size.


My classes honour the roots of yoga through a practice of asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath work), and relaxation and meditation. The classes are accessible to all. Practised safely on a chair or on a mat (or a combination) I will help you find 'your yoga'.


There is ample scientific evidence that yoga can increase strength and mobility and ease anxiety and depression.  Personally, I have found yoga to be beneficial to both my mental and physical health.


About me


I am Keeley Frampton, the founder of Positively Yoga, and I took up yoga in 2013 for both my mental health and back challenges (scoliosis). 


A former city lawyer (2008 - 2016), and psychology MSc graduate (2017) I qualified as a Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher in 2018 and then as a 200-hour yoga teacher in 2019. I became a certified Accessible Yoga Teacher in 2019 and I am a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals.  I teach chair yoga and mat yoga to people in my local community, particularly the elderly and those with limiting physical health challenges such as amputations, arthritis, fibromyalgia, ME, and spinal issues.

I am passionate about mental health and the psychological benefits of yoga and I am keen that yoga should be made accessible to everyone. The name of my business 'Positively Yoga' reflects the fact that I believe the yoga I teach may not look like the yoga you see on social media but it is positively yoga and it can positively help both with mental and physical wellbeing. 


I worked in mental health in the NHS from 2017 to 2018 and felt that yoga as a therapeutic and holistic intervention had a lot to offer alongside more traditional talking therapies. I am now training as a yoga therapist with the Minded Institute and in my spare time I volunteer as a mentor for the mental health charity, Mind BLMK.


"Keeley has helped me so much since my lumbar fracture 2 years ago. Her yoga has helped with posture, confidence and wellbeing.  Yoga breathing and meditation has been priceless in coping with pain, MRIs, and life in general.  I cannot recommend her highly enough"

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